Excerpt from AKIKO'S SWORDS

They drink.
They look at each other.
Akiko is smiling.
Suddenly she's in tears.
Jiro looks away.
Then he looks back.
He can't help it.
He puts down his drink
and goes to her
like an arrow --
shot from the void.
Holds Molly Vance.
Tight. Tight.
His lips are on her neck.
He kisses her.
She writhes. He kisses her cheeks.
Tastes the salt
of her tears.
It's raining harder.
The sound of the rain
engulfs them both.
Wild. Insane, almost.
Akiko writhes,
slipping her silk blouse open.
Jiro kissing her white breasts;

(But he doesn't kiss
the ugly, purplish,
black thread sutured
sword wound --
he merely gapes at it,
for just an instant,
& pitying.)

They're hot,
Akiko's breasts --
blazing hot,
the nipples swollen.
When Jiro bites one,
she moans,
and begins,
helplessly, to orgasm.
He feels it.
He bites, hurting her,
as she turns & writhes,
and then she cries out.
her eyes open
& staring.
She shuts her eyes,
her mouth open.
As Jiro kisses down
her pale stomach --
he unsnaps her pants.
She writhes her hips
to help him get them free.
He yanks down
the trousers & panties.
He draws them over her feet,
tosses them away,
wrenches her legs wide,
and presses his dark head
between them.
She feels his tongue,
licking, stabbing --
she begins to orgasm again,
harder this time.
Her whole body shakes.
She screams.
Kicks at him
with her bare heels
on his shoulders --
as if to spur a horse
she's galloping wildly.
To where?
To the sun.
Oh the sun. The sun.
To the blaze
of nothingness.
Jiro is sucking her
so hard
it almost hurts.
She keeps coming,
in crazy spasms
that draw out shouts --

I'm you,
That's what
his heart says,
in a deranged whisper.
But he doesn't
even hear himself --
he's dazzled.
He kisses her,
on that jewel like
open mouth,
that sordid
unbearably sweet furnace,
under the wild crown
of black hair.

She's so hot --
and as she moans
she's drizzling dew.
He drinks it,
sucks it into his mouth,
rolling his tongue
for the taste.

A dream.
Is it that?
Is it another dream?

She moans, now,
above the hopeless
clattering wild rain
that she wants his cock.
She says the words --
your cock. Please.
She begs him for it.

Jiro throws off
the silk robe --
he's naked.
His cock stands out
rigid, trembling.
He hurls himself
on Akiko --
he thrusts into her body
in a single wild movement.
Sinks into her.
It's too much --
he comes, his legs shaking.
She shouts Ah!
kissing him,
smiling into his mouth --
as the semen bursts.

Jiro feels himself
empty into Akiko --
like a cloud
suddenly torn apart,
raining onto darkness.
Into the sea.
The wild, infinite sea.

She's biting him,
sucking at the bites,
kissing him -- wildly --
and speaking to him
in vivid bursts.
She calls him her child,
her lover.
She curses him,
calls him yakuza,
a thug, a freak.

Jiro begins
thrusting hard --
his pleasure rises
to a peak.
After about fifty thrusts,
he bursts inside Molly again,
twisting his hips
to try to get in deeper.
They slide from the sofa,
roll on the carpet
licking & biting.
Like animals.
Like dogs,
Jiro thinks.
She's got him clamped
between her legs,
hugging him,
kissing his chest.
Licking the sweat.
She sits up on his penis,
her vagina frothing,
and rides him so hard
he cries out at the pain.

She orgasms hard,
screaming above the rain
and falls on him, limp,
and he clasps her.
Like a miracle,
a jewel --
the sublime lover,
a woman mysteriously
back from the dead,
& the only one
he would ever dream of dying for.

Jiro gets up.
He goes to the bottle,
to his empty glass.
he pours more Suntory.
Drinks. Drinks more.
He pours another,
carries the glass, sloshing,
to Akiko.
She half-sits,
raising her head.
He puts the glass
to her lips.
She drinks.
Shakes her head
to free sweat stuck hair
from her neck.

They look at each other,
wonderingly, suddenly abashed
at the wild nakedness --
blazing in the lamplight,
engulfed by Tokyo rain.
A man. A woman.
Jiro kisses her.
She kisses him back,
slowly, a deep kiss --
her tongue-tip thrilling him
for its sheer wit,
for its joy of suffering aliveness.
She holds his penis
as it swells erect again.
Then she crawls over,
lowers her head,
the hair tickling his thighs --
and sucks hard on it.
He shifts his naked legs
as she bites a little.
Watches the sleek,
dark head,
the newly scissored hair,
up and down
smoothly, like an otter's.

Feeling a wild emotion
like grief --
& the hot semen rushing
up into his penis --
he tries to wrench Akiko
away, but she sucks
& licks him faster.

He falls back
on the carpet,
his arms spread
like Christ's,
squeezing his eyes shut --
shouts, shouts again.

She swallows him,
like a woman in a dream.
Then she kisses it
with real reverence,
& embraces his hips.
Rests her head
on his stomach.

They fall asleep that way.